Welcome to
The Breathing Xperience 

An Stress-Relief Partnership

You’re dedicated, passionate about your service to others and
effective in your career.

On the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all together.

On the inside, there's an emotional roller coaster ride going on.

You’re exhausted at times.
Your day gets hijacked by excessive work and
you feel rob of your peace and happy flow.

Too often you don't feel patient with those you love,
and YOU are ready to break this vicious cycle!

 If you keep going like this, you could hit a breaking point
or be running to the doctor for a pill. 

LISTEN there is another way to do this.

Too often clients reject the little voice, the abnormal
pressures, nagging with shortness of breath, live
most days just getting by.

Yet, help is just a CALL away.

Ask Eliza, what's next?

Our Mission

To equip loyal women in leadership, unable to recognize or prevent
burn-out and anxiety disorders.

To embrace the power of inner calmness, that develops greater
resiliency and joy, to create more spaciousness to turn
off stress at will and learn to thrive where you once struggled!


 Destress & Recharge Anytime! 

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