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Welcome to the CEO

Eliza D. Carter is the Founder of The Breathing Xperience Academy.  Award-Winning Company. She has worked with over 5000 women and youth worldwide. The Black Business Olympics USA Live in May 2022.  Eliza is an Ambassador for the, "Genius is  Common Movement," She was Awarded March 2022 citation from the City of  Philadelphia, PA, featured in the Fun- Times Magazine in 2018; and Philadelphia Sunday SUN News 2016 and known as a Best-Selling Author of "I AM a Victor."  Court- Approved by the City of Philadelphia to work with the Human Traffic  Population and at-risk youth in 2015.

Eliza is the creator of the "Revolutionize Yourself" process, which she teaches all over the globe through Breath-Work, various Meditations
and other proven stress relief ancient techniques  At it's core, the process is a way to fully embrace your inner connection and use each tool to create the space for healing, well-being and happier relationships , beginning with self . . .

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"The older we get the more one should flow in peak alignment when committed to Self-Responsibility and Self-Love

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Knowing the steps to stop allowing situations to high jack your mind, may take one session or 30-90 days. 
This course can be a real eye-opener if you struggle getting along with anyone. This course will help you to grow and work together with others. As you learn about your strengths and why understanding personality styles is the key to better communication and self-preservation!

Schedule your 15 minute discovery call, use contact page or email us. . .time is now to Revolutionize You!
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 Feel So Calming

Stress is the basic cause of 70% of all disease. Your Breath is the Body Chief cleansing tool as a healing detox mentally & physically.  Learn 101 and advance breath-meditative exercises to tap into the intergalactic power of divine Oneness! "Master Your Breath, Master Your Life."

Breath-work is a tool accessible at any time for calmness, balance and peace of mind and lower your pressure, fast !

Stress is killing people ages 30 are having high blood pressure  and stokes a early ages. . . . Talk soon!
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As an Ambassador to the Black Business Olympics, International Speakers Committee. My responsibility is to connect with dynamic speakers and if that 's you leave a message, today! 

Your great talent, skills, and experiences will be shared with our students and the business audiences to help  change the lives of students and businesses worldwide.

We want to change the narrative seen in our media for our young people.

To show students Black people globally as leaders in their fields, we want them to aspire to be doctors, lawyers, scientists and entrepreneurs.  

We need your support to give scholarships and laptops for students to go to college or be entrepreneurs. 

JOIN Us May 16-22, 2022 

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We have a lot to learn . . . . This one day event will share, "Is Stress Shrinking Your Thinking?. . .   I will answer this question and explain what's occurring after in your mind and body, since the pandemic.  
As you know . . .We are living in unprecedented times and higher levels of resiliency and coping skills are mandatory due to "Technostress,"  mask wearing and this entire traumatic experience being at home, with fear of the unbeknownst of what's next!

Being prepared for whatever is next, is your responsibility. We have to stop the insanity.

If you or someone you know suffers with anxiety, it's time to put it to rest 1st!  Visit the Store page! See You, Saturday, June 4th, 2022

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Real-Life Strategies 

TRAIL-BLAZERS Mentorship Program," for amazing young entrepreneurs, working professionals to develop life strategies, courage, self-leadership abilities and balance to walk out a personalized roadmap and feel support on their journey.

This group is designed with you in mind. Every other week you speak with Eliza to strategize. You receive materials and videos to support you in a growth mindset. Also you experience the deep breath work and resiliency tools as well. 

Design your roadmap and have a clear vision of your success plan. . . Time is Now
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Know Your Talented-Self

Develop new coping skills as they participate using the self-therapeutic techniques. Each one will expand understanding about the effects of stress/anxiety and truth of self-governance and how it impacts their day-to-day lifestyle. Each class is a new experience to use Breath-work and Mindfulness practices and understand their own personality style and others,  to improve emotional balance and focus.

Together we design a roadmap  for the goal is expanding self-efficacy, resiliency to have a practical knowledge of the importance of self-responsibility and mind care
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