Welcome to
The Breathing Xperience 

An Stress-Relief Partnership

You’re dedicated, passionate about your service to others and
effective in your career.

On the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all together.

On the inside, there's an emotional roller coaster ride going on.

You’re overwhelmed at times.
Your mind gets hijacked by excessive work and
you feel sluggish and depleted.

 If you keep going like this, you could hit a breaking point
or be running to the doctor for a pill, that may or may not help. 

LISTEN there is another way to do this.

We all want to feel emotional freedom from what keeps
us stuck, traumatized and doing the same things, that give us
the same unwanted results. . .mental overload

Well when you wake up feeling today is your day
  CALL or TEXT Us. . . 302-300-1884

Ask yourself how does emotional freedom feel?
Talk to you soon

Our Mission

To equip amazing women in leadership, unable to identify
emotional overload and with high blood pressure or with dis-eased to
STOP carrying the mental clutter and take full responsibility to create space to thrive through chaotic emotions! 

Relax & Recharge Anytime! 

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