Eliza S. Carter, CSM

Eliza D. Carter, Master Breathologist and Practitioner of Ancient Well-Being Techniques and CEO of The Breathing Xperience Academy.

Inspired by her own experiences as a Reproductive Health Counselor, and Phlebotomist, serving pregnant women. 
Growing exhausted and highly frustrated, she switched careers due to her previously taking law classes. This landed a role as an Intake Supervisor at one of the largest class action settlements in Philadelphia, PA.   

This new journey in corporate lead to more burnout.

Desperate and yet relentless, Eliza researched ancient methods, evidenced-based practices which developed her  program, Recharge My Life Series, based on 12 years of research in breath-work, mindfulness, holistic self-development, plus certified in Stress Management, Behavioral Analysis and Licensed as a Spiritual Advisor.

Eliza's work has helped over 4500 women, identify the specific traits and qualities stressed individuals
have in common that leads them to
approach their emotional intelligence
in an unsustainable way. 

 She helps uncover each layer of anxiety that takes
women’s out of “crisis” or “survival” mode.

If you want her help with your tribe of family,
friends and work colleagues . .

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Stress-Relief Partnerships

Self-Love is asking yourself what you need  
everyday and then making sure YOU receive it!

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 Mind Relief

Become your authentic self with loving-care.  

Embrace the Healing Principles that release the OVERWHELMING pressures within.

Simply experience raised awareness to the path of self-alignment, more happiness and desired outcomes.

This profound truth reveals exactly the difference between resistance and alignment within you.

Stress-Relief Partnerships

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