Eliza S. Carter, CEO

Eliza has over 25 years of experience in counseling, coaching and as a dynamic speaker. She is an Award-Winning Master in Breath-Work, Anxiety-Relief Partnerships and Best-Selling Author and Business Anchor IBMTV and the Black Business Olympics . 

Eliza's highly requested topics:
Is Anxiety Shrinking Your?; Make Breath-Work your BFF; Anxiety Check-Ups Really Help; Heart Dis-Ease Is Real, Wake-Up; Your Unique Personality Is A Divine Gift. 

If You struggle in the same areas as before the pandemic. Let's talk and get you off the emotional roller coaster! Anxiety disorders are very dangerous!

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Self-Love is asking yourself what you need - everyday and then making sure receive it!

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You cannot help but become your authentic  self.  Embrace healing keys to reveal deeply who you truly are. Awareness rises and opens the path to inner healing, better health and more successful encounters.

This profound truth reveals exactly the difference between what is good for you and what no longer serves you.

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