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Dr. Patricia Williams Diaw


Eliza introduced me to powerful tools that helps me meet the challenge of running a business on two continents. I developed more resiliency, and experienced inner strength using breath-work to resolve challenging situations. My business have been transformed!  Founder of Two Smiles for a Child . . .

Bruce George


Eliza's various Breathing Techniques are healing to one's entire mind, body, and spirit. As my Personal Breathing Coach, she has opened portals in my spirit and soul that were laid dormant, until her methodology helped awakened them. "Her anointed work ministry is second to none." Bruce George, Founder of the Genius is Common Movement, Co-Founder of Death Poetry Jam on HBO.

L. Kamali 


"Eliza's work is mesmerizing! Few rival her in skill, compassion, and clarity. Not only is she an artist of the soul,I’ve learned to be intentional to energize myself, be calm, release unwanted pressures and gain success with new business ventures! ! I am grateful to have found her and maintain a wonderful relationship with Eliza.